REP Consulting provides ‘best practice’ procurement advice through a team of RICS Accredited Quantity Surveyors qualified to manage the process and mitigate dispute avoidance.

Procurement Advice

Main Activities: The right choice of a procurement system at the outset of a project, based on business and project drivers and the underlying risk management plan, is critical to its ultimate success.

Tender Analysis:

Main Activities: We also provide a tender and contract review service advising on the allocation of risk within the contract, and ways to minimise or avoid such risk and the associated expense.

Forms of Contract:

Main Activities: Our broad range of experience of contracting procurement systems across all construction sectors for a wide variety of client’s means that we are well placed to match clients’ objectives with the most appropriate form of building contract.

Contract risk analysis

Main Activities: Identification of relevant form of contract to match key deliverables from risk assessment together with appropriate form of subcontract and supplier contract from standard forms including JCC (1994 ed.), AS 2124-1992 and AS 4000 (1997 ed.) and NPWC-3.

Dispute Avoidance

Main Activities: In a successful project, the avoidance of potential claims and disputes is paramount. We identify and help ‘manage out’ contractual risks. We provide early warning of events that, if not addressed and managed properly, may affect relationships and lead to contractual claims and disputes.